Monday, November 21, 2016

Brand New Album Rising From Amlak Redsquare, "Book of Judges" Available Now on iTunes

Brooklyn, NY (November 21st, 2016) - The highly anticipated album from Amlak Redsquare is finally here. This project, “The Book of Judges” features (11) eleven solid tracks with collaborations from artistes like Spragga Benz, Exile di Brave, Kazam Davis, Rseenal The Artillary and Toke. This full-length album features classic Jamaican musical styles like dub, and roots reggae backed by live instruments. It gives you a vibe that lifts your energy to a higher vibration. Get your copy today to enjoy Amlaks’ distinct sound pour directly out of your speakers. This brand- new album, “The Book of Judges” is currently available on digital platforms like iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, Deezer and many others.

Jointly produced by Germany’s finest, King Opossum of True Lion Sound and Amlak Redsquare of RSQRB Productions. Together they’ve created authentic reggae music.
This album is a must have- one that highlights timeless conscious tracks. An album filled with a hardcore dub style and clean lyrics keeping this project filled with roots, culture and power while being kid-friendly at the same time.
Aside from being available online, you can purchase tangible copies from Amlak Redsquarein-person in Jamaica or King Opossum in Germany. Check out Reggaeville or Youtube for the first official release, “Judge” from the album. Amlak is expected to release the video for the second single, “Too Late” featuring Exile di Brave at the start of the New Year.
Since his recent two-month tour throughout Germany, Amlak Redsquare returned with a fire burning within him, taking his career up a notch and ready for the next performance. Follow Amlak Redsquare in social media for happenings and updates regarding him as he continues to promote the release of “The Book of Judges.”  Listen out for what’s next and what new videos are about to emerge. Lots of hard work and creativity went into this project so bless it with your support, your share and your listening ear.
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