Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tribute to Lincoln "Sugar" Minott - Godfather of Reggae Dancehall

By: Jennifer Henry

I remember you as a humanitarian because you selflessly reached out to so many people, always helping, giving and sharing. I never once heard you complain.  Such humbleness in spite of greatness, such love and care, you always shared.  You established the YOUTH PROMOTION ORGANIZATION with its Recording Studio and Label, whose doors were always open to the young and upcoming artistes who needed a break, their own shot at stardom.  Your Legendary YOUTH PROMOTION SOUND SYSTEM which promoted the artistes all over Jamaica and abroad, earned it as the number one Sound System in Jamaica.  One of your greatest invention is the DUBPLATE which revolutionized Reggae Dancehall, which took Dancehall music to a peak.  You created the BLACK ROOTS LABEL which showcased your musical recordings giving us that unforgettable, sweet and soulful voice of yours.  Your annual December STAGE SHOW and DANCE, REGGAE IN THE HILLS, brought the music to your home town at Harkers Hall, in St Catherine. I remember how special this event was to you.  We are missing you and words cannot fully express it. But we will rise with smiles on our faces when we remember your beautiful soul.


Keep on singing in Zion


Empress Jenny

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